The CautionWalker Safety Leash keeps people away

from your dog without you saying a word.

    Is your dog in training, or nervous around people? Would you rather not have strangers trying to pet your dog – for whatever reason – but don't want to seem rude?

Then let the CautionWalker say it for you.

Promotes public safety, protects your dog from the public.

The CautionWalker's webbed yellow strap imitates the design of police tape – an unmistakable warning to strangers, including parents with their kids, that your dog isn't public property.

If you want to control who pets your dog – or if, for your own or your children's safety, you want strangers to keep their distance – you need this leash.

Get the CautionWalker Safety Leash and walk your dog in peace.


Same sturdy construction as truck cargo straps: heavy-duty box-stitched polypropylene webbing

Black connecting strap with looped handle made of double-strength box-stitched nylon webbing

Swivel clip attaches to any collar, harness or other leash, including retractables • Fits any size or breed

A must for dogs who are territorial, reactive, easily startled, nervous around people, or in training

Designed by a Certified Florida Animal Control Officer • Feel more secure when walking your dog alone

30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee • Bulk discount for vets, pet stores and training professionals

Click here to read the review by Christine Hibbard, CTC, CPDT-KA.

We're very proud that the CautionWalker Safety Leash was tested by a highly respected dog-training professional and earned her enthusiastic endorsement.

Christine is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and founder of Seattle-based Companion Animal Solutions. She heard about the CautionWalker on Facebook and offered to write a review. Here's part of what she had to say:

"I was a Senior Quality Assurance Manager before changing careers to dog training and animal behavior, which means it takes a lot to impress me with any new product and the CAUTIONWALKER Safety Leash impresses me. I LOVE this new product and can’t wait to start using them with our clients."

You can read the whole review on Christine's blog here. Her blog and the Companion Animal Solutions website are a tremendous resource for all pet behavior and training issues, with tons of free information plus books, DVDs and great pet products for sale at her store. You should definitely check it out.