About Us

I am a longtime dog owner (Shepards and Dobermans). My dogs are always trained and well-behaved in public, but I don't like strangers trying to pet my dog without asking. I have talked to many dog owners about this – people with dogs of all sizes. Many say that it interferes with training, or that the dog just doesn't have the right temperament for it. Others say that strangers can rub too hard, and against the grain. And if you say something, people get offended – like your dog is public property!

To me it seems like a lack of basic courtesy and common sense – as we know, anything with a mouth can bite. That's why I invented the CautionWalker. I think you'll find, as I have, that it solves the problem of untrained humans.

I stand behind my leash (no pun intended) 100%, and I'm proud to contribute to responsible dog ownership, public safety, and happy, healthy pets.